Well-being application for computer users

Personalized advisor to remain healthy habits while working on a computer

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Why SitYEA?

Real-time posture notifications

Take a break reminder

Exercises recommendation

Posture statistics

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70% of office workers spend average 5 hrs glued to their chairs DAILY

Numerous studies show that sitting for 5+ hours a day is HAZARDOUS to your health

How SitYEA will help?

Right workplace setup

Learn how to set up your workplace in the right way to help your body

Maintain healthy posture

Get desktop notifications about your bad posture in real-time and develop healthy skills while working

Track your statistics

See how you performed in a personalized dashboard

Prevent the backpain

Prevent the cause of your daily back pain - sit straight and enjoy healthy living!

Works with webcam
or external 3D camera

Contactless and works in real-time

Windows / Linux compatible

Research-based AI algorithm

Adoptable for home or office

Does not record or track you

Who we are.

We are a group of humans with a shared goal

Džiugas Gudiškis


Rytis Maskeliūnas


Vilma Khmaladze


What your clients say about us

I was offered to try SitYEA in our Microsoft office. I did and I really liked it. I think these guys will help millions of people around the world to stay healthier in their working environment.

Ainis Kavaliauskas - General Manager at Microsoft Lithuania

We were beta testers of SitYEA. The main convenience is that you only setup it once and it’s working seamlessly in background. You just being reminded when you hunched.

Milda Januškaitė - Graphic designer at Herbertus.co

SitYEA helped me to stay aware of how I sit every day and avoid back-related problems. I would recommend SitYEA for everyone, who want to work healthier in an office or home environment

Augustinas Pocevičius - Commerce Manager at UAB "Be more"

SitYEA 3D version avilable!

Get into details of how you sit every day

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Is SitYEA compatible with my computer?

SitYEA is compatible with Windows 10 or Linux systems. Your computer should have at least an Intel i5 processor and GPU card.

What information does it collect about me?

SitYEA is an offline application, it does not require an internet connection and does not send any data out of Your computer.

Is SitYEA is good for my health?

Yes, it is, for example: moving just 2 minutes every hour can decrease the premature death risk by 33%.

Do I need any hardware to use SitYEA?

No, SitYEA can work with a computer webcam. But in case you want better accuracy and the ability to work in low light, you can connect Intel ReanSense camera.

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