SitYEA 3D mode

Get into details of how you sit every day

Drastically increase posture monitoring accuracy with an external 3D camera

Setup once - use daily

You just need to place the camera on the table and connect it with a computer. No daily setup is needed.

Low light and background noise - no problem!

Get the right data of your posture in the dark environment or in an open office space

Better insights of your posture

Get real accurate statistics of your daily posture

Privacy is our priority!

SitYEA is only processing your 3D image on your local computer without sending it anywhere.

Only 3D image is being processed

Our posture detection algorithm processes only 3D images

Offline application

You don't need to have an internet connection to use SitYEA

Contactless andworks in real-time

Adoptable for home or office

Does not record or track you

How to get started

Order a camera

Order Intel Real Sense 435i 3D camera

Connect it to the computer

Connect the camera to the computer's USB 3.0 port

Enable 3D mode

Launch SitYEA application and select 3D (depth) mode